I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
Jonny Scott Walker Song
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Jonny Scott Walker Song
Very short and sweet song that has a new unknown title now.

Ed's Diary Sept. 9, 1999
finish on what i used to call the 'jonny scott walker song' - very short and sweet

The title of this song always reminds me of this:
"And the one day in rehearsel, they burst into this other song, which I gues they'd just written. When they finished it, Thom mumbled something like, "That's our Scott Walker song"...except I thought he said "That's a Scott Walker song". Now I was pretty familiar with Scott Walker, but Jeez, there's a lot of albums and I could have missed something! We walked out of the rehearsal that night and Sean said, "Too bad their best song's a cover". -Paul Kolderie

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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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