I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
I've Seen It All
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I've Seen It All  5:19
Thom sings with Bjork on this song.

Appears on Bjork's Dancer In The Dark soundtrack released Oct. 7, 2000.
Thom Yorke sings only in the soundtrack version not the version that appears in the film.

Thom and Bjork were supposed to perform this song live for the Academy Awards, but Bjork's time-slot was cut to only 3 minutes, so she performed it alone.

Comments by Bjork:
"I sang a duet with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. It's on the soundtrack album for the film. It was a gorgeous experience... we spent four days in Spain, singing a few hours a day. It's been a dream of mine for a long time to blend my voice with his. That was lovely!"

"It was my idea to work with Thom. We spent four days in Spain just singing as and when we felt like it. He doesn't do things lightly."

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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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