Saturday, December 31, 2011
New Music by MARS
Mirroring Wishes
A musical and aural journey through my life in the year 2011. Mister Wonderful is dedicated to my dad who passed away August 15th.

Friday, December 30, 2011
New Teaching
Saved: Cured of Sin & Made Whole
Thursday, December 29, 2011
New Teaching
Love by Love, Selflessness by Supply
Thursday, December 22, 2011
New Teachings
Love God?
Be Perfect Like You? Are You Serious God?
To Be or To Become?

New Lesson
Perhaps the best thing to have encyclopedic knowledge of is an encyclopedia.

Links: Lessons 2011
Wednesday, December 21, 2011
New Lesson
The one thing Santa Claus wants for Christmas is royalties for all the places his likeness has appeared.

Links: Lessons 2011
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
New Lesson
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. Unfortunately his brother Barry the black nosed reindeer didn't and one foggy Christmas Eve he was hit by a car.

Links: Lessons 2011
Friday, December 16, 2011
New Teaching
Transformed by The Light of His Glory & Grace
Thursday, December 15, 2011
New Teaching
Love and Cooperation, God's Will and God's Best
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
New Teaching
Sin? Forgetaboutit! Jesus Christ is The End of Sin for All Those Who Trust Him
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
New Teaching
God is Love Means God Loves You
Thursday, December 1, 2011
New Teachings
He Loves You For You
Inseparable & Unforsakable, Fellowship Never Broken
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
November Posts on My Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Do We Really Live For God?
We Are Loved as He is Loved
We Are Always Able to Grow in Truth
Shame, Guilt, Grace, and Motivation
Walking Under the Yoke of Jesus
My Thoughts on Jesus Washing the Disciple's Feet in John 13
The Family of God
Surrender or Submission? Defeat or Victory?
Did Paul Shame People?
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Me Spelling
Amazing technology from the very early 90s!!

Links: Watch on YouTube
Monday, October 31, 2011
List of Revised Posts/Teachings on my Loved by God Blog
Friday, October 28, 2011
13th Anniversary of using the name Piemerica
New Comedy Quotes Collection:
Enornal Thirtitude
1. I'm a lot like Spider-Man. I'm a man. Hey I didn't say we were completely alike.
2. When someone tells me that I'm funny the pressure is on to think of a funny response.. because comedy is better than reciprocal graciousness, at least that is what they taught me in jerk school. Boy my teacher at jerk school was such a.. nice guy. He should have been fired but I guess when you are tying to learn to be a jerk someone teaching you to be nice is a real jerk move. Perhaps I should punch him in the face as a sign of gratitude..

3. I went to a five star resort. Yeah, the view at night was terrible.
4. I always knew that I'd never think of this day coming.
5. I'm a millionaire because I have a million air.
6. That doesn't smell smart.
7. T/i\r/e\s/ (Slashed tires)
8. I'll keep an eye out for it and by that I mean I will keep my eye out of your head and in mine.
9. I want to be a single dad. I don't want my wife to marry anyone else. I want to be the only dad for my kids.

10. I realize that they are comedians. That's what they do, they comeed. But why do they have to be so disrespectful?
11. Are you a he or she or a sheesh!?
12. What are your 2 1/1 favorite things about where you live?
13. Can you tell me where the nearest far away is?
14. If you could live anywhere you want but only for 5 seconds where would it be? It would have to look good and not be deadly cold but if it is too good you can only live there for 5 seconds and that would be a bummer.

15. These jokes are for the .7 fans Piemerica has. .7, how is that possible? Well the one fan we have has decreased his interest in us by 30%.
16. I hear you have age too.
17. Wow, context, I like that word and the thing that it is.
18. I believe dinosaurs existed and I make no bones about it.
19. I need to compact (instead of stretch).
20. I'm addicted to air. I breathe in 29,307 times a day and I'm thinking of getting a surgery to where I don't have to breathe out.
21. I kept it a secret until I talked to someone.
22. This sort of thing is not my 39.

23. Nathan Barnatt:Watching dolphins!! California rules!
     Emperor MAR:California passed a law that forces everyone there to watch dolphins?
24. Stranger: this is fun
     Emperor MAR: yeah I use the word "this" some times!
     Stranger: i use it all the time, i think
     Emperor MAR: that is too much and irresponsible
25. Stranger: ohh okay sweet..
     Emperor MAR: your sweet dropped some sugar
26. Stranger: Jamaicans? I've never met one.
     Emperor MAR: You've always met them in pairs huh?
27. Stranger:how so
     Emperor MAR: yes it is very so
28. Stranger: hah
     Emperor MAR: i am going to use the magic of typing and type what you just said backwards
     Emperor MAR: hah
29. Boss:Are you working hard or hardly working?
     Emperor MAR:I'm hardly working hard. Which, I guess, is just regular working.
30. Young Adult: I grew up on Apple Jacks cereal!
     Emperor MAR: That's sad, my parents gave me a bed.
31. Stranger: That is very sound advice.
     Emperor MAR: Yeah especially when I say it out loud.
32. Being 1: You know what?
     Being 2: No what?
     Being 1: You just said what, that means you know what
     Being 2: Oh sorry
33. Empress Lori: Just forget about it.
     Emperor MAR: You are asking too much of me.
34. Being 1: My Stomach says growl
     Emperor MAR: My stomach says meow
35. Being 1: Lord, please bless this meal I have cooked.
     Being 2 to Being 3: Why is he doing that? Is he that bad of a cook?

36. If my dad had a dog it would be dog and dad, pup and pap, puppy and pappy, k9 and uh father...
37. I had a great time the other day at a place which shall remain nameless. I don't know why they refuse to name it. It makes it so hard for me to reference.
38. It didn't take that long, it only took oneever.

Links:  Enornal Thirtitude
Thursday, October 27, 2011
Jibber Jabber 2011 Established
* I need your help. The evil Dr. Scientist is going to turn all the world's beans into rabbits.
  This will wreck the world's economy because rabbits are harder to prepare than beans.
* What is a pact? Is that like when you squeeze the glass jelly jar really hard?
* I was at the carnival last month and I got mugged! Yeah they had this great booth where they put your face on a mug. I love it!
* I'm reading a Reader's Digest my wife brought home. I like it but it is not back lit! What is this 1992?
* If you broke an E it would form an F. So how come Full is more than Empty? Can you tell me that?
* This is a men's room. This is a men's room. But it ain't nothin' without a toilet.
* Is the moment this moment or an unrelated important moment?
* I can call you a lot of things but I am too polite or not polite enough to do so.
* We are chums FOR SHARKS!
* You like the sweater my goat made on Friday for your tree stump?
* Grow up! (slowly by staying alive)
* "the fear" is a funny term, so funny I'm scared it concerns me (in a pertaining sort of way)
* Phil is cool and bald, a shiny combination
* things are things except that thing
* If English is my first language is body language my zeroth language?
* Hey! Don't put that toy cow skull in her bed! She's gonna wake up with a skull in her face! Well I guess she always does that.
* I'm only afraid to be myself when I'm in big trouble.
* When the truth hurts I knOW.
* The sense of humor is taste. I laugh at my ice cream all the time.
* I would get more friends if they would get me. Get it?
* I always spell zer0 wrong. I put 0 at the end but no one seems to notice
* Discuss the difference in color of a lemon and a stick of butter.
* An is short for Ann with two ns.
* Adds comedy to outfit.
* Zany is a combination of outrageous, radical, and silly.
* I need the William Crease from your forearm-bag.
* Take a break at 4:30????:??????????????????????????????
* I was thinking that my dad and I would have been age buddies, 62 and 26. This is the first time I thought of this but when I was 15 he was 51 and when I was 04 he was 40.
* ./|\. A dot jumping over a wall
* I had a piece of paper that was too wrinkled to fax so I made a copy of it and faxed the copy. When I was sending it I said to myself (and them sorta..), "Now you're gonna get it!"
* You want to know what I hate? When you tell people what you hate then they annoy you by doing it on purpose. I hate that.
* Just because everybody doesn't dig it doesn't mean you should stop shoveling.
* I've never been on an aeroplane but I have been on a ground plain. They don't sound much different to me, only about 50% different to be exact(ish).
* If I owned a buffet I would die of non-starvation.
* If I can get away with eating it that means I am smarter than it, that is how I never eat the sun, I blow at the sky but it never cools.
* Which is the latter part of a ladder?|

Conan O'Brien Twitter Bio Suggestions
* Tom Hanks named me CoCo now I'm naming Him ToTo. #TeamToTo
* COB in LA on TBS & T (Twitter doesn't abbreviate well).
* Yes, I know the FedEx Pope. Jealous?
* Hi this is Aaron Bleyaert because Conan doesn't know how to tweet by himself yet.
* Welcome to the Cone Zone

Chuck Norris Style Jokes for Ray Amsley
* Ray Amsley eats lightning and his leg regurgitates it onto your FACE!
* Ray Amsley taught Gawl Senglelis every action sequence pro that he knows.
* Ray Amsley knows all the vowels, including the six you've never heard of.
* Rain forests aren't cut down by loggers. The trees commit suicide when they realize that they can never be Ray Amsley's leg.
* One time Ray Amsley fell asleep in the woods and the moss that gathered on his leg was used to make the ooze that mutated the Teenage Mutant Amsley Turtles. They were later renamed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because ninjas are considered less violent than Ray Amsley.
* Ray Amsley was going to star in Streets of Rage 4 but "Rage" and "4" weren't superlative enough to describe Ray Amsley. But Ray still grand uppers someone every time you press "A" on your Sega Genesis controller.
* Ray Amsley doesn't need a Blockbuster Rewards card. He rewards Blockbuster every time he walks into one because his mere presence makes every action scene in every movie 15 minutes longer. This is also why Ray is banned from standing next to the internet.
* Mega Man is based on Ray Amsley but the wooden leg was changed to the mega buster because the game was too easy with the wooden leg.

Links:  Jibber Jabber 2011, Ray Amsley Youtube

Revised Teaching
Jesus is The Word of God, Illumination, & The Value of Scripture
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
New Teaching
Why use the word "Assembly" instead of "Church" Part II: The Body of Christ

Links:  Why use the word "Assembly" instead of "Church" Part I

Thursday-Monday, October 20-24, 2011
New Lessons
As dirt is bad for appearances so dirty words are bad for soundpearances.

People go out to lunch because they are into lunch.

Remixes dare to grant the wish of, "I wish this repetitive pop song was even more repetitive."

If you ever hear fresh squeezed orange juice being advertised don't believe it because juice can't be squeezed.

The top hat had an unsuccessful sequel called the bottom hat. It was essentially portable chamber pot. Although it came in handy for many a dandy even the French found it too foul.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Piemerica's Double Chicken Lessons of/for the Day 10/19/11
Regardless of if the chicken or the egg came first it was tasty right from the start.

Chicken fries would be called "fried chicken" if the name had not already been taken. Unfortunately the name "French fries" was also taken.
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
New Script
The Farting Picture Frame
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
New Teaching/Scripture Collection
God's View on Sin
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Blog Name Change: Loved by God, Loving Others
I've changed the name of my blog from "Love God, Love Others" to "Loved by God, Loving Others" because my life has changed from a commands based life of "this is what God wants us to do so let's make Him happy" to a love based life of "God loves me and is already happy so I will love others out of the overflow of Him loving me."

Links:  Loved by God, Loving Others Blog
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Piemerica's Lesson of/for the Day 9/21/11
The hippest way to say that you are about to cry is to say, "Immma rock a tear."

New Teaching
Jesus Accomplished All Things Necessary to Fulfill the Law
Monday-Friday, September 12-16, 2011
Lesson Mania Week 2011
If you tell a mime to mime its own business it will be a mime miming a mime. Then you will have a double mime and that's.. annoying.

Winners are quitters because they always quit when they are done winning.

If English is your first language then body language is your zeroth language.

The reason women like to be called baby is because it makes them feel younger.

Since when were bats and robins friends? Since April 1940 I guess.

I have a small apt. It is so small it doesn't even have all the letters.

Don't wait for someone to give you advice just go out there and take it!

They say, "When it rains it pours" But really rain is just a bunch of drips.

When they combined bumper pool with bumper cars bumper boats were invented.

Sometimes people are told to give 110%. 100% is the most one person can give so to give 110% there must be a second guy giving 10%.

Some people are only afraid to be themselves when they are in trouble.

Eating dinner don't make ya thinner it makes swell up in your center

Asia Minor and Asia Augmented 7th are long time enemies.

Putting a tiger into a bear cage won't make the tiger a bear but it will make the bear cage a tiger cage.

I figured out how Christians can be in Christ. It is because God is holy.

Sound advice is easy to give just give advice out loud.

12AM and 11AM are a lot farther apart than you'd think.

Sometimes it is now.

Ignorance is bliss. That is why it is fun to act ignorant.

Fun Food Fact: The Hamburger was named after the French and Indian War.

Fun War Fact: There aren't any.

Moon walking a dog sounds like a lot more fun than walking a dog.

The original name for the football huddle was "team hug" but the coaches felt bad because they were left out. So it was renamed huddle which is a French word meaning, "That hug thing that sports guys do."

The stupidest question is "Is this a Question?"

Retired is like regular tired but tired again because you are old.

Don't put a toy cow skull in your little sister's bed. She's gonna wake up with a skull in her face! Well I guess she always does that.

Slang is not cool.

Someone coined the phrase "coined the phrase."

Shampoo first sounds like the last thing you would want to put in your hair. Sham and poo. But if there is any kind poo that I'd touch it would be sham-poo.

All profanities originate in the French language.

Facts suck! Except the ones that I like.

You know you are afraid of gossip when you won't name your daughter because you are afraid someone will talk about her behind her back.

The sarcastic remark "very original" is very unoriginal.
Friday, September 16, 2011
New Teachings
Trust and Works
Serving God by the New Way of the Spirit and Not the Old Way of The Law
Monday, September 12, 2011
New Teaching
The Life of God vs. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
New Lyrics on AllPoetry
Lyrics: Dad, I'm 26 and I Miss You
There is still life behind these eyes
Despite being dry from the tears I cry
I wish we were all gone
And moving on
But there is no end in sight
And I know that sight doesn't mean much

I don't want you to come back
I want to go with you
I don't want you to be stuck here
I just want to be with you

If our God doesn't come today
I don't want to talk, I don't want to play
I wish we were gone
Come on, Come on

There is nothing I can do, to stop the way I am
I don't need a voice
I don't need a plan
I just want to be with you
Still I know I will make it through
The light hasn't left me
I know the light is shining brighter on you
There is still life
We are both alive
But I can't go to you
I can't go to you

Monday, August 29, 2011
New Teaching
Working "With God" Instead of "For God"
Thursday, August 23, 2011
How God Prepared Me for My Dad's Death
Friday, August 19, 2011
My dad Art Reyes died on Monday (the 15th). I can't really put into words what it is like to lose from this earth the most loving and irreplaceable man I've ever known. You would have just had to have been there with us sharing Jesus, life, and love together.
My dad and I July 7, 2006
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
New Teaching
Contentment and Disappointment
Wednesday, August 5, 2011
My Own Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions: Highway Patrol Edition

Links: Original Post on The Idiotical
Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Unexpected Fun in Chicago

Links: Watch on YouTube
Friday, July 29, 2011
July Posts on My Love God, Love Others Blog
From the Heart to the Mind
Did God Desire for All of His Laws to Be Obeyed?
Which is better to live by the law or the Spirit of God?
God Abounding in Grace
Faith: Trust in God
Wednesday, June 15, 2011
New Teaching
Love that Leads to Obedience
Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Piemerica's Top 11 Lessons of 2010
11. Every moment is the greatest moment of itself.
10. When someone requests "Listen to me." they are only referring to verbal communication and not other noises they may make.
9. My dad's name is Art but other people have names too.
8. A paranormal investigator is a normal investigator with a parachute.
7. An excellent way to earn quick cash is to rent out space in your wallet.
6. Age is a state of mind, the state of how old your mind is.
5. Fun Food Fact:  Humans invented pizza in the past.
4. There is no wonder as to why so many people turn to crime, it is the only way some of them can be wanted.
3. The only way you can find nothing is if you are looking for something.
2. Trains are invisible except for the solid parts.
1. There are stupid questions but stupid questions are better than stupid statements.

Links: Lessons 2010
Thursday, April 7, 2011
An Assortment of Dances for Andy Richter to Try
I sent my Piemerican Dancing video from Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? into the Team Coco Solvebusters: Andy's dance assignment.

My video wasn't a winner but they did ask me to fill out this private Questionnaire before posting it.

On what day and at what time (approximate if you have to) was this shot? Could you tell us where it was shot?
I shot this in the evening at Orgil Park in Millington, TN

What inspires you?
The White Chocolate Farm

What can you tell us about your dance?
I created the various dances between 1999-2003. I danced them much in high school. I was once walking down the street and a car stopped and some people from my school demanded I dance a jig.

Are you okay with Turner Broadcasting showing this, even on television?
Yeah (You are the Turner that gives me free ice cream right?)

Links: Piemerican Dancing, Team Coco Solvebusters: Andy's dance assignment
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
New Teachings
Who or What is the Bible About?
Raisin' Hell and Lowerin' Heaven
Sunday, April 3, 2011
New Teachings
Unity through Love
Alive to God in Christ Jesus
Friday, April 1, 2011
Got my ConeCraft Art into The CocoMoca Museum of Conan Art

The pig wandered into his hair unplanned.

Links: Original Post on The CocoMoca Museum of Conan Art
Wednesday, March 31, 2011
Artwork for MARS single Im sent on lot

Links: Listen to the album Norvon Mac
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
New Teaching
The Father of Light Looks to Love
Tuesday, March 10, 2011
My Conan Fan Correction Submission Starring Qs Tips

Links: Watch on YouTube

Pie Talk Live! from September 1998

Pie Talk Live! was a one time spoof of the syndicated radio show Modern Rock Live! I did on a cassette in September 1998 when I was 13 years old. This before I was using the name Piemerica (this was under Pie Inc.)

I remember listening to rock interviews where the artists would admit to illegal drug use in one way or another on air. I wondered they got away with it so in this show the host sets up the guest to admit to illegal drug use to get him arrested.

Links: Listen on YouTube

New Piemerica YouTube Channel
Because YouTube has surpassed DailyMotion in video quality etc. I will be very slowly putting up all Piemerica videos on this channel most of which have only appeared on our Dailymotion Channel. I am also putting up the Audio of Piemerican Disc on this channel.

Links: Piemerica's YouTube Channel
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
New Teaching
The Word Leaders in the New Testament
Sunday, February 27, 2011
New Teaching
Faith is Trust
Thursday, February 24, 2011
Piemerica's 13th Anniversary
New Music by MARS
Prodigious in Paltry
Sunday, February 20, 2011
New Teaching
Love One Another
Tuesday, February 08, 2011
New Teaching
The Meaning of Life: Part 2, Understanding the Relationship
Saturday, January 22, 2011
The 10th Anniversary of Piemerica's Lessons with 8 New Lessons!
Comedy is for losers (of seriousness contests).

If cults had denominations they'd be called diffecults.

A good way to refer to nothing is by saying "almost something."

Jerks suck especially when I call them jerks. They get all mad and act like jerks.

If you don't like Wednesday you'd be like "When's this day gonna end?"

Naval oranges are grown on boats.

Europeans suck at being from somewhere else.

The sense of humor is taste.

Here is Our First Lesson from January 22, 2001
Don't play dead in a freshly dug grave.

Links: Lessons 2011
Thursday, January 20, 2011
Jibber Jabber 2010 Updated
*  What do you have to say about talking?
* Speak in post-egg accents
* Do matches match?
* In the summer I decided to take out the trash during the rainfall so I took my raincoat. The result due to the heat ended in the same soaked result.
* You sound like you're sleeping because you aren't saying anything and that is what you do when you are asleep.
* What is this.
  This is what.
* Can you give me directions to your farm? If you don't have a farm that is ok I just want some more corn.
* Can I tell you what I think or would that be talking and not thinking?
* Bluegrass tastes better than rock and rap. Unless the rap you are talking about is the tortilla with food in it.
* YouTube kept the tube alive because we are going to flat screens with no tubes.
* Today I am 300 months old. What will I be tomorrow? Only time will tell.
* Here are some notes I took: ♫♪♪♫
* I heard today is a month. Do my ears tell time?
* Break the Sauce
* I like shoes because they keep me from knowing how hard the ground of places I don't take my shoes off is.
* Masked potatoes
* Those goons! Next time I see the government I'm gonna be really confused because how can you see an entity like that?
* What neutral color do you feel most neutral about?
* What is your fourth favorite primary color?
* Talk like a keyboard you say "Enter" at the beginning and
  "Escape" at the end.
* Is this a question.
* How many fingers am I holding down?
* What is your eighth favorite day of the week?
* How old aren't you?
* Monotype instead of stereotype
* You gotta crank this down some.

Links:  Jibber Jabber 2010

New Lingo:
Terrible Tearableness -  Being terrible at tearing paper.
Links:  Piemerican Lingo
Thursday, January 6, 2011
New Excerpt from (The Joe)'s Autobiography:
The Dreaded Ankle Race
(The Joe) knew that if he could win this ankle race that he'd be able to peel an onion anytime he wanted. But the questions continued to arise in his mind, "Do I want to? Do I even know what an onion is?"

Earlier that week (The Joe) started working on his new humble onion farm. How can an onion farm be humble? I don't know. I never really got the whole "words" thing. Anypath, (The Joe) wised up and started growing vegetables for his people at the advice of Metacom because he said it was all the rage in Abodrites. (The Joe) had a calm appreciation for rage so he promptly followed Metacom's advice. (The Joe) chose onions as the vegetable of choice because of the onion depeelers he had passed out previously to battle ineptitude related famine. (The Joe) thought if he named a "peeler" a "depeeler" that it would peel in reverse and thus create onions for everyone out of nothing. It didn't work. (The Joe) chalked up this impossibility to the fact that the English language didn't really exist yet rather than the fact that words and names no longer create matter.

(The Joe) was tired of only sleeping twice a week so he left his assistant, Ciniod the Imaginary Horseshoe, to farm the onions. Metacom tried to get (The Joe) to reconsider his decision a few days later because Ciniod was really lazy at farming on account that he don't exist. (The Joe) was furious at the idea and said, "This is an outrage! Or an inrage, or satisfying, yeah that is it." Furious about his satisfaction (The Joe) allowed Metacom's late friend Jia Fu to be the new onion farmer. Metacom pleaded with (The Joe) that dead people couldn't farm but (The Joe) confidently said, "He's under the ground so he can do a better job than we can."

(The Joe)'s moronicity caused Metacom to appeal straight to the Piemerican people who he rallied behind himself to challenge (The Joe) to a governing contest the only way he knew how, a dreaded ankle race! The ankle race was especially dreaded because it was so boring and impossible to drag yourself with just your ankles. Once the Piemerican people heard Metacom's dumb idea for the ankle race as he challenged (The Joe) they decided that they enjoyed enjoyment, rest, & pleasure far more than boring old 'control of our government and well being races' and left never to be written about again. Oh, except in this book and on the sign for the race that said "Come one, come all!" They would be included in the all. But other than that they were never written about again, at least not anything I've read, whoever I am.

(The Joe) was ready for the race because he was already laying in bed and he quickly won the race by a long shot because Odicin the Real Horseshoe shot Metacom in the ankle with a horseshoe arrow. Metacom did not like a life altering injury anymore than he liked losing ankle races. Metacom's wife Joy was broken hearted because she knew after this sentence that her character would never be mentioned in (The Joe)'s autobiography again. Joy was angry and attacked (The Joe) because not only had her husband been horseshoe arrowed but she was wrong about her assumption that (The Joe) wouldn't write about her attacking him in his book. Ciniod and Odicin placed bets on who would win the fight between Joy and (The Joe). But (The Joe) wouldn't hit a woman he'd only edit out how much she hit him.

Links:  (The Joe)'s Autobiography

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