Monday, December 31, 2012
Just hours before midnight President Meowzie knocks over our 2012 calendar.

December Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Great Scriptures for All Christians & Christian Groups
"This is love for God: to keep His commands" Uh oh! ...there goes grace!
The Relationship is The Freedom
Why so few Believe John 3:16
A Brick Wall at the Starting Line
God Treats You With Humility
The Good News
Saved Through Fire?
The Knowledge of God's Will
Galatians 5 Paraphrased for us Gentiles
How Your New Creation in Christ Parallels the 7 Days of Creation
Sacred Cow BBQ III: This One is for All the Ladies in the House
Comparing The Law to Jesus
The Good News Hidden in the Hebrew Alphabet
Jesus Freed Us from Guilt & Shame
What Do You Mean "How Do I Grow?"

New Lyrics: All Teens Rhyme the Same So
This Song is Good for the Next 7 Years

Less fear in the new year
More serene in 2013
More cheer in the new year
Things unseen in 2013
It'll all be clear in the new year
Feel more clean in 2013
Feel more near in the new year
Nothing between in 2013
Less tears in the new year
From what will convene in 2013
Less to shear in the new year
Less to dry clean in 2013
What will appear in the new year?
Less routine in 2013
Low gear in the new year
Look at life with a  widescreen in 2013
So much to premiere in the new year
Things unforeseen in 2013
I'm insincere about the new year
We'll all be caught in-between 2013

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Fuhfuhfuhfuhun T-Shirt & Shorts Snow Roll
Monday-Friday, December 17-21, 2012
Lesson Mania Week 2012
Hunter orange is the best gang color because it will keep you from getting shot.

People talk about coasting through life as if it is boring but roller coasters are fast & exciting.

If someone asks you, "What makes you tick?" say, "Swiss engineering."

The Olympics is the thing with the Physical Mathletes.

12/18/12 Flashback Day
To find out if someone is materialistic when you engage in conversation with them ask them, "Do you want to talk about matter or matters?"

You can tell jocks named sports because of the names of each sport. Baseball, basketball, football. No thought went into these names. They just pointed & said what they saw.

The cardinal Halloween candy giving mistake is when the kids say, "Thank you" & then you say "Anytime" and you have kids hounding you for candy everyday for the rest of your life!

Since Romney lost all oven mitts are to henceforth be called oven obamas.

The difference between jello and jello mold is a few weeks.

Umlaut is a very good word for a sideways colon. ¨

People talk about having fun but never say anything about how to go about getting fun, lousy elitists.

Being in a boat is not an excuse to chew the moon.

There are six key points to most keys.

When someone ends a sentence with "Don't you think?" say, "I do think, but not about that."

They say "diamonds are a girl's best friend." Unfortunately for most girls they are imaginary friends.

Some detectives can "put a finger on it" but it just doesn't really help.

My cat Rambo sat on my pillow & I said, "Move Rambo, I need max head room." When you have a full house there is going to be growing pains but remember family matters.

You are a rebel if you turn up the treble instead of the bass.

The reason why glass toilet seats are not popular is because people are afraid that they will cut your butt or strainus your anus.

Escaping from a prison is incredibly easy.. if you aren't a prisoner. Just run out of the front door & yell "I've escaped" & be ready to get put onto dozens of people's "to murder when I get out" list.

A bar of soap really lets the suds fly.

You spoil your milk every time you give it sugary cereal.

If you have trouble remembering things then don't try to memorize this lesson.

If you are a bird watcher, take my advice. It is easier to put the watch on their leg than on their wing.

School sucks & pre-school sucks but post-school is awesome.

Some people get offended when you tell them "Merry Christmas" & that you are supposed to say "Happy Holidays" instead. But that is twice as offensive because it involves at least 2 holidays. One of which may be Christmas anyway.

When someone says, "Don't ask me why" instead ask them "Z?"

The best way to handle hoarders is to deport them to a 3rd world country. They still get to live in filth but they won't have any money to hoard anything.

You can tell whoever first said, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" is a pessimist because he points out a negative thing you can't change. The quote should just be, "You can lead a horse to water!" Now that's positive! There is a plethora of animals you can't lead to water.

There are two kinds of toast but sorry, you won't find either on Neptune.

Generals are in charge because they have general knowledge.

Floors happen when you are standing.

"You can run but you can't hide" is not a real rule in hide & go seek. You're welcome.

Everyone was born yesterday, just not today's yesterday.

Thursday, December 13, 2012
A.M. Rang a Song, a New Song by MARS
A.M. Rang a Song is composed using all the words that can be created by the note letters ABCDEFG. The title is an anagram of "Anagram Song."

Friday, November 30, 2012
November Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Judges in the Assembly Part 1: Why Romans 13 is not about Secular Government
Judges in the Assembly Part 2
Rant on Lies I've Been Told
Lie: You Don't Deserve to Be Saved
Wind in a Box
Good News Does Not Make You Feel Bad
Let's Share in the Satisfaction of His Sacrifice
Ignore the Poison?
Yoked or Unyoked is The Issue of Mankind
Barely Saved & Still Judged?
Second Chances & Why God Killed
The Slave Master?
Help in Knowing God's Voice
Why Having Leaders is Harmful
The Devil Has the Power of Death
God is Not All Knowing & God is Not in Control
Thursday, November 25, 2012
Piemerican Disc Released 10 Years Ago
My first record hit sidewalks & hallways very roughly 10 years ago. This comedy and experimental music album with no peer because no one would associate with something so low.
Features classics such as Punch My Cat in the Face, Lunch Fat Ryme, & a bemazing pentalogy.

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Heard the Dollar Tree is having a Black Friday sale.. Everything is 99 cents.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
The presidency of Piemerica has been vacant for over 9 years after (The Joe) Legend left office. Tonight we finally have a new one. Congradualations to Meowzie the new President of Piemerica!
Meowzie reaches out & touches a Star. For a cat you think she'd catch a Micey.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
October Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Saved? Saved from What?
Eternal Torment, Annihilation, Ultimate Reconciliation? How about a little of each?
Instead of going to the box factory today, we'll be going to the...box factory
Fearing the Truth
Our New Creation in Christ & sin
Lifted Up to His Glory
Grace is God's Love for You
The Gifts of A Great Father
Satan is Not God's Attack Dog
The Lord will Repay..
Why Be Afraid of Hebrews 10?
Sacred Cow BBQ I: Manifest, Mature, Move, & More
Sacred Cow BBQ II: Nation & Neighbors, Offend, Oppose, Owe
Commitment vs. Surrender vs. Cooperation
Obliterating Offices
Why It is Unhealthy to Tie Your Behavior to Your Identity, Part 1
Follow Christ? But I thought He was in me
Friday, October 26, 2012
Melody Joy the toppest of all cuties!
Thursday, October 4, 2012
Meowzie Wearing Melody's Smallest Bib

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
The Joy >Legend<
That means greater than all, less than none

Sunday, September 30, 2012
September Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Reality Because of Christ: Flesh and Spirit
Good Hearts with Good Ears
How to be a slave to sin
This Side of the Cross: Church Discipline?
God's law is over, ok?
A Righteousness Hand Mirror
Reality Because of Christ: Sin
Catching Up in Perfection
Thoughts on Portions of Romans
Is the law sin?
Consciousness of Sins is Self-centered
Romans 7, Rebirth, & Renewed Minds
Thursday, September 20, 2012
Melody's first trip to CiCi's Pizza proving she's a true Piemerican

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Melody's jump into the air & freeze frame pose

Friday, September 7, 2012
Melody Joy Reyes
The First Natural-born Piemerican
Melody Joy Reyes, The First Natural-born Piemerican
Friday, September 7, 2012
Only THE Food Dood would go to CiCi's while his wife is in labor.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
New Photo Galleries
Photos 2011
Cordova Snow Fun
Horsefeathers & Applesauce!
Water Cube
24 Roses for Lori's 24th Birthday
My Dad's 62nd Birthday at Work
The Big Onion
Photos 2012
Ramily Circus
Melody's Down Home Southern Baby Shower
Leisure Parkland
Photos 2010 Completed
Friday, August 31, 2012
August Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
God is not mocked. - Avoid Flesh Renovation
The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak † The Spirit is Able
Self-Focus is God-Focus
If you love Me, you will keep My commandments † I Will Love You So You Will Trust Me
Does God Abort His Children?
Trusting in God's Love is Not Risky
More Thoughts on Christians Not Needing to Confess Sins
The Lord's Supper in 1 Corinthians 11: Dangerous or Delightful?
How Sermonizing is Not Shepherding & More..
Spiritual Identity in Christ Summarized
Thoughts on Evangelism
The Victory of Jesus Has Brought Liberation from Sin
So How Are We to Think of Sin as an Action Today?
Deep Love
Is Eating Poison Worth Your While?
God Does Not Punish His Children
The Body With and Without Leaders
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
New Lingo:
William Crease - Billfold, wallet
Giddiot - A giddy idiot.
Nejerk - A nerdy jerk who is impulsive
Archaisize - Make Obsolete
Termoil - When you really hate the term "oil."
Links:  Piemerican Lingo

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
July Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Sola-Scriptura is Idolatry
Problems with Christians Confessing (Recounting) Sins in Prayer
God Resists The Proud = God Resists Legalism
In the World
Salvation: Grace, Forgiveness, & Life
I No Longer Run From God
This Side of the Cross: The Night of Jesus' Arrest Intro
Jesus Goes to Prepare a Place in His Father's House † We Live in The Father
Christian Persecution & America
Psalm 10:1 & 10:12 in the Light of The Messiah
Die Daily? No, Already Crucified & Alive to God in Christ Jesus
All Blessings Are A Done Deal in Christ
Cooperation not Control, Commitment, or Promises
Ask Jesus
Rebirth and Perfection
Wednesday-Thursday, July 25-26, 2012
Lesson eCards

Links:  Lessons Section, Secret Lesson eCards page
Thursday, July 19, 2012
New Old Videos
Found out that a co-host I did on blogtv 2+ years ago was capped by the host. If you've ever wanted to see me out talk someone by a margin of infinity this is for you. Learn the startling difference between a fake mustache and a fake shave.

In the better Part 2 I read the chat aloud with everyone's favorite pronunciation of XDDDDD

Links: Piemerica on Blogtv
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
All Links in Update Archive Fixed
These links have been broken for years & fixing them have been on my to do list for years.

Links:  Update Archive

Lesson eCards
Since people love passing these around so much & I think most of them suck, I've decided to make some from Piemerica's Lessons of/for the Day. People are attracted to color boxes on Facebook.

Links:  Lessons Section, Secret Lesson eCards page
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Complete MARS Discography now Streamable
Streams available for all of the 2008 Discography. Now all MARS songs are available for stream in page.

Links:  MARS Discography
Monday, July 2, 2012
Page Restored to Pieuro's Archived Site
The text from Pieuro's Specal Page has been found and is linked into its site. Go to Pieuro and read the hidden intro to Pieuro's hidden (& forever lost) guestbook.
Saturday, June 30, 2012
June Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Why I Will Never Surrender to God
Three of The Most Widespread & Destructive Lies Christians Believe
What is the correct way to speak against sin?
The Truth About Sin
The Sins of the World Taken Away & The Wrath of God
What is Sin?
Monday, June 25, 2012
Archived Sites Page
I've archived and organized old Piemerica sites, guestbooks, & older versions of sections for my own organizational enjoyment.

Archived Sites
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
My Star & Micey YouTube fan channel SwirlTube is updated with every Star & Micey video on YouTube put into playlists or favorited.
Old Yahoo Guest Book (NeoBook Drink) & Old Yahoo Group Archived
Tuesday, June 19, 2012
SMW Central Technical Review of My Super Mario World Hack Piemerican MARio Brothers is now on-site
Friday, June 15, 2012
New Lyrics:
Lyrics: Now I Can See In Your Blinding Light
Your light is blinding but I can always see in it.
Your love is like lightning. It energizes my soul.
My spirit rejoices in the one who made me whole.

I'm not standing alone & I don't fall without a catch.
Lord I hope to know all of your love toward me from now into eternity.

You have put me in my place & that is forever in your grace.
Lord I thank your Son for being your chosen & choosing one.

I'm not standing alone & I don't fall without a catch.
Lord I hope to know all of your love toward me from now into eternity.

Other Updates
Entire Egg/Muzz Discography is now Downloadable
Lyrics & Poems Section Updated
Lyrics from 2011: 
Not Free
Thursday, June 14, 2012
Piemerica:  1997 Year in Review
About Us wiki page updated
Wenesday, June 13, 2012
Egg/Muzz Discography updated with 3 downloadable releases from Camelopardalis
November 1997 & December 1997 Chronchive completed. Features a list of all my creative activity from those months along with links to every normal episode of my action comic Cats from that month.
Piemerica:  Anniversary Celebrations list updated
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Complete Piemerican Records Discography
Monday, June 11, 2012
The MARS Discography is now streamable again. Listen to
Added In-page stream of Today & The Years Gone Bye

Broken links and images in the Pieuro site fixed
Saturday, June 9, 2012
Chat Takes with Butterfly
Butterfly: so wht u like to do for fun
MAR: anything that is boring or unenjoyable, or fun, i prefer fun things sometimes
Butterfly: okay, so u like to be bored?
Butterfly: so is tht u in ur pic
MAR: the human like form yes but not the other things
Butterfly: what is a book drinker?
MAR: According to Google & my site which Google got it form, it is one who commonly drinks books. It is an old comical thing that I came up with. There may or may not be real drinking or real books involved.

MAR: what are things which you enjoy doing?
Butterfly: umm i like to shop and draw
MAR: like to go down to the old well eh?
Butterfly: huh?
MAR: draw water from the well sorry about that "funny" thing i said

MAR: what such sort things are you a drawer of?
Butterfly: like stillife or portraits
MAR: how can life be still in this hectic world we live in?
Butterfly: stillife is like non-livin things
MAR: that is confusing
Butterfly: y
MAR: life yet it has no life
Butterfly: its a name
MAR: ah yes, i apologize for my confusion
Butterfly: lol, accepted but it wasn't needed
MAR: I didn't think it was. I just needed to get rid of some extra apologies I had laying around.
Butterfly: lol k
MAR: I used a good one I hope you like it
Butterfly: lol
MAR: do you or is it so bad you won't say?

Butterfly: oooo lol
MAR: oooo? key got stuck?

MAR: why so much work?
Butterfly: bc lol
MAR: because it is funny?

Butterfly: i think ur much sweeter than u let on to be
MAR: If I'm too sweet I'll get eaten!

Butterfly: i hardly eat apples
MAR: yeah i bite them hard too

Butterfly: what do u think about that?
MAR: seems bad & good & in between

MAR: in elem scho they seemed to make me think that vowels were ladies & consonants were dudes
Butterfly: lol what
MAR: aeiou was women & y was gay

MAR: i am back
Butterfly: me too
MAR: you too? wow more in common

MAR: cheer up!!!! or ELSE!
Butterfly: ill take the else

Butterfly: y i gotta explain everything for? lol
MAR: because I like to know, mystery is great!

Butterfly: I'm going to the mall to blow some money
MAR: paper i assume, coins don't blow well

Butterfly: u knwo what's funny?
MAR: comedy
Butterfly: no
MAR: yes it is

Butterfly: y u wanna make fun of urself?
MAR: it is funny plus I can make fun of someone & not get punched in the face

Butterfly: ok forget then
MAR: but if i forget "then" then i won't be able to use that word

Butterfly: some ppl on here make things up and r fake....im not lol
MAR: but don't real people make things up the most?

MAR: you have information on the type (rendition) of cake you made?
Butterfly: umm i burnt it lol
MAR: what type was it before hand
Butterfly: red velvet
MAR: well I can't complement cake being Mr. Piemerica so it pleases me when they get burnt

MAR: howsa hads your "night" bin?
Butterfly: ok i guess
MAR: you guess b/c you don't know?

Butterfly: yup*huh
MAR: why stars?
Butterfly: ii don*t know.. they are more prettier than apostrophes
  • I enjoy enjoyment & rest & pleasure
  • Michael is my legal name, 1/3 of it. Can you guess the remaining 2/3 of my name?
  • brb, how chilling
  • You have a bridge in your lawn? sorry, on your lawn
  • Wow that is something! Of course almost anything is something.
  • i see (your text)
  • what an outrage! or an inrage, or satisfying, yeah that is it
  • Thank you & thank me, Emperor MAR
  • When people say "hi" in place of "hello" then I can say "lo" in place of "hello" to be like high & low.
  • laughing like tar pirate
  • Piemerica, Free to join & almost no benefits
  • Nah, Wow was too pushy that is why his shirts never sold
  • In regards to howness what are you?
  • I'm hungry but my mouth is closed what should I do?
  • Do I like the news? News is ok, but of course no news is good news right?
  • Which do you prefer, to be amused or bemused?
  • Thanks for the drawings. Whenever i look at them I'll think of you & how bored I was.
  • how are you? not how are you doing but how are you? yeah it is deep, like how did you come to be?
  • a latch of canipers?
  • I like mystery so much I ignore everything people say to me.
  • If i never asked you a question again would it be ok?
  • so they sweeze babies to get baby oil?
  • like a day knife
  • I have what I call the "tree style" I wear a green shirt & khaki pants like a tree & it's trunk. I also have an orange shirt for the fall style. I'm large so I look well as a tree. Some people can't tell the difference in the forest.
  • I want to look fatter because it makes for good jokes about myself. Look fatter, not so much be fatter.
  • ropposite
  • My brain, it is so big it must be fat. Or I'm so fat my brain must be big.
  • I have a bottle of pilot's blood?
  • my day is usually like me so if you ask how I am the day is similar not always true but quite close
  • I'd ask how you are but I am heartless & don't care.
  • so...ap
  • What is what? What does what mean?
  • i eatn a bucka sandwich
  • you got any cooled arms to plank land?
  • Kidding = acting childish?
  • did you miss me or just remember that i existed?
Links:  Chat Takes with Butterfly

Other Updates
Embeds in Update Archive Added and Improved
Previously Unlisted Videos added to update archive
Lessons Section updated for 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012
New Lingo:
ropposite -  reverse opposite; the same
Links:  Piemerican Lingo
Thursday, June 7, 2012
Updates Archived
Updates from 2009, 2010, 2011 are archived as they have appeared on this main page. Link to previous year's updates appears at the bottom of this page.
Thursday, May 31, 2012
May Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Obedience & Sacrifice
Romans 6 - We who died to sin cannot still live in it.
The Law is Over (In 100 Words)
The Sinless Spiritual Identity of Every Christian (In 100 Words)
Plates of Faith
Letting God Love You First
Freedom from Struggling with Sin
Our True Identity & True Victory
Psalm 6 in the Light of The Messiah
The Meaning of the Word 'Religion' in the Bible
Mistranslation of Words in The Bible
Monday, April 30, 2012
April Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
The Problem with Mistranslations
What Happened to Christians on the Cross and at Salvation
God's Love for You
A World Without Law
Forgiven and Loving
God's Love in The Old Testament
God's Love in The New Testament
Thoughts on The Year of Living Biblically by A. J. Jacobs
What Jesus Hates & Despises
More Back Posts
Can God Look Upon Sin?
How I View the Deceived
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
❤My daughter who will make her debut later this year❤

Saturday, March 31, 2012
March Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Psalm 5 in the Light of The Messiah
What is the Remission of Sins?
Reconciliation Now! The Good News of Reconciliation
Forcing Beliefs
The Purposes of The Law & Its Punishments
Miracles of Love: The Great Catch of Fish
The Meaning of "Fallen from Grace"
Seek First † Already Found
Questioning God is Ok
Living by the Spirit
Christianity: Academic Pursuit or Love Relationships
What Makes Someone Holy?
Take Up Your Cross Daily † You Have Been Crucified With Christ
New Back Posts
Get truth from The Truth
The Responsibility of Our Relationship with God
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
February Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
God's Old Target, Our Own Targets, Jesus's Victory Party
Being A New Man
Older People as Guides not Officials as Governors
Don't Should on Yourself and Don't Should on Anyone Else
An Alternate Look at The Great Commission
We Are Free Spirits Living in Flesh and Bone
Obey: An Invitation to Cooperation
The Good News of Justice
Jesus and The New Covenant Exposed in Zephaniah 3
New Back Posts from Disciplingfrom the Ground Up Series
The Letter Without The Lord
Motivation: Compassion vs. Obligation
Psalm 1:2 in the Light of The Messiah
Psalm 1:5 in the Light of The Messiah
Psalm 1:6 in the Light of The Messiah
Monday-Tuesday, February 27-28, 2012
Gangs are "for life" because the lives of most gang members don't last long.

"Mosey! Mosey! Mosey!" has never been a chant at a race.

Links: Lessons 2012
Sunday, February 26, 2012
New Lesson
Chauffeurs make the best minions. They never steer you wrong, although if you're their boss you should be steering them.. Chauffeurs are a complex people. Mad props for life to all those chauffeurs out there. You know who you are.

Links: Lessons 2012

Jibber Jabber 2011 Complete
• I don't know why noodle is a slang term for head. I guess it was named before the proliferation of Italian food in America and someone confused a meatball for a noodle but I digress because in the winter gress isn't as green no mor'.
• I wonder how many times I've said, "I'll never forget the time..." and have actually forgotten. I guess I'll never know.. I guess because maybe in the distant future of 2012(!) there will be a brain science man who reads my brain and tells me.
• You're right I should sell my barn before the cow stealing convention comes to Muncie.
• To me the new Pepsi logo is like having the Coca-Cola logo/signature in Comic Sans MS.

• Something to say on January 31, "If it doesn't snow tonight I'll have to wait until next month!"
• I held Popsicles under my chin and froze my adam's apple. A fresh new experience.
• People laughed at my joke from 3/14/04? Its a Christmas miracle! ... or a December 19th miracle.. which is even better.. because.. no one ever hears about those.
• Archibald the Snow Man had a name that was hard to rhyme so we thought all day and we thunk all night and nothing we could find. We tried to change his name but he would have no such thing. He insisted then he listed his family tree for it to stay the same.

Links:  Jibber Jabber 2011

Jibber Jabber 2012 Established
• I'm always stuck typing "shorthand" instead of writing it. Lowsy technology that lets me tell jokes to the world instantly with potential feedback. I'm gonna get history for my birthday and that'll show me not to complain.
• I didn't know what they were before they existed either.
• I knew it! ..now that I've read what you told me.
• I am no stranger to people I've met.
• Trash is misunderstood like King Kong
• ¿HA! I'm brain thingy for thought gettings were yeah. Maybe I'm an idiocy perfectionist but it took a lot of thought to say something so stupid sounding.
• You guys are actually getting a good work out if you are laughing. You're burning a lot of calories and tightening your abs. Come see me every night. My show costs less than a personal trainer.
• What is your favorite court:  tennis, basketball, or judicial?

Links:  Jibber Jabber 2012
Saturday, February 25, 2012
New Lesson
I don't know why 3D is such a big deal. Before movies and television everything was in 3D.

Links: Lessons 2012
Friday, February 24, 2012
Piemerica's 14th Anniversary
New Song by MARS on dört

Links:  on dört

New Comedy Quotes Collection:
Enornal Thirti-1
I & I
1. I use comedy as a mask to hide my unfunniness.
2. I like to think outside the box except when I'm in a box, then I like to think of how to get out of said box.
3. I am as the French say, when they speak English, a "goofball."
4. I wonder how many times I've said, "I'll never forget the time..." and have actually forgotten.

5. I never taught my dog to sit because he already knew how.
6. I heard a police siren and thought R2-D2's crazy cousin was on the loose again.
7. I had a lighter and I tried to lighten my shirt with it but the shirt just turned black.

8. Being a comedian is tough. .. When I run out of material I buy bigger clothes. .. Sorry those last two sentences weren't related.
9. We had a long talk about how to write in shorthand.

Q & A
Being 1: Do you ever answer yes or no questions?
Being 2: Yes
Being 1: That is what I thought because I considered both options.

Q &.. well that's all..
1. So how have you been.. maintaining your eyesight? I maintain mine by not sticking sharp things in my eyes.
2. What is your advice to a man who doesn't exist?
3. Have you ever heard sound?
4. What is your shallowest, brightest secret?
5. I saw a sign around Christmas that said "Seasons Greetings." How come we only greet the seasons during the winter?
6. Since ethnicity is not a competition instead of using the word "race" I prefer to say "fun run." What fun run are you?
7. I hate questions that ask me things.

Links:  Enornal Thirti-1
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Valentine's Day Collection of Love Lessons
It is easy to be romantic when you are in love. All you have to do is tell the truth.
Single people, live everyday as though it were the last day of your life. Even better married guys, live everyday as though it were the first day of your wife.
The best place to fall in love is in front of a laundromat.
Money can't buy love unless it is Valentine's Day apparently.
Never wear your heart on your sleeve because you may need to sneeze.
You know you're in a good relationship when instead of wanting to ring each other's necks you want to ring each other's finger.
People without loved ones usually love fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds.
Become an ugly moron because opposites attract.
Giving a gift on Valentine's Day is a way to say "I love you." Giving just a hug on Valentine's Day is a way to say, "I love you but I'm broke."
Love in your tummy is like the least yummy place to have it.
Love is like butter. It is better when spread.

Monday, February 13, 2012
Top 5 Lessons of 2011
5 .The sarcastic remark "very original" is very unoriginal.
4. Asia Minor and Asia Augmented 7th are long time enemies.
3. Putting a tiger into a bear cage won't make the tiger a bear but it will make the bear cage a tiger cage.
2. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. Unfortunately his brother Barry the black nosed reindeer didn't and one foggy Christmas Eve he was hit by a car.
1. Fun Food Fact: The Hamburger was named after the French and Indian War.

Links: Lessons 2011
Thursday, February 2, 2012
Family Mother's Day Conversation 2009
My Dad Died August 15, 2011. This video includes The Best Video of My Dad that I Have.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Remaining January Posts on my Loved by God Loving Others Blog
Christians Do Not Have to Keep the Law of Moses
A Wonderfully Loving Promise Fulfilled in the New Covenant
The Good News of Relationship
The Sinless Saints, The Selfless Savior, & The Self-Righteous
Shouting to Rest!
Trust and Love, Everything We Need
The Discipline of the Lord, Our Loving Father Helping Us Grow
Trusting God for Works of Love
Jesus Did Not Come To Call The Righteous to Repentance
Our Perceptions Do Not Change God's Realities (Galatians)
The Gospel, Good News for the Whole World
Monday-Sunday, January 16-22, 2012
New Lessons
Boulevard sounds French especially when French guys say it.

Pollution is so terrible because it makes you hate air.

The reason why "noodle" is a slang term for head is because it was named before the proliferation of Italian food in America and someone confused a meatball for a noodle.

The one time someone tried to reinvent the wheel and it worked was when the boat was invented.

Night vision goggles would be cooler if there were no day time.

"Heads up" actually means "Heads down so no one gets smacked in the face!"

The brain is what you knows with. That and the nose.

If you are sitting up you are sitting up and sitting down at the same time.

When dreams come true a dreamer becomes a realist.

Friday, January 13, 2012
New Teaching
Judgement In Light of Sins Taken Away

Other Updates
Synopsys and Symbolism info added to Mirroring Wishes
Updates page updated

Monday, January 9, 2012
New Teaching/Scripture Collection
My Righteous Identity in Christ
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Recent Lessons
The best part of waking up is getting to go back to sleep.

In athletics often pros are cons.

If someone tells you to "Get Real" and you do so. Come back the next week and see if they tell you to "Keep it Real."

If you don't like jokes about being rich you have a poor sense of humor.

Always keep your priorities straight unless one of your priorities is bending.

If you're afraid of loosing your home you really should have bought a bigger house. Most people's houses are very easy to see.

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Classic Lessons
If a thug draws a knife on you wash it off.

Some people will never learn. The sad thing is most of those people go to school.

If you can't beat 'em join 'em unless they're beating you.

When the noose becomes the latest fashion it won't last long.

Talk is cheap, unless you are a television psychic.

If a tree falls in the forest be glad you don't live in the forest.

When I'm looking at my folder I have a paper view.

When arguing at sea don't go overboard.

Never whisper behind someone's back. Whispering is enough.

Ice cubes are excellent substitutes for chill pills.

Hole punchers are useless.

Not all hillbillies are named Billy but they are all related to him.

Pollution is good for you. It makes you realize there should be less pollution.

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Top 3 ways to loose money in a business:
3. Burn down the insurance company instead of your building.
2. Using the classic sales pitch & then putting it into action,
    "We Burn Money!
1. Play hide & go seek with the funds
Comedy or Coma?
Caffeine free huh? What, that makes it cost like 15 cents less?

I'm a real vocabulary buff. In fact I just finished reading the dictionary. I didn't like it, it wasn't wordy enough for me.

I love team sports because one part of the crowd is always happy.

nah.. oops! dropped some dots

I'm going to be a record producer because i eat a lot of vinyl.

I don't lik3 it wh2n p712 tal3 li33 this. especially out loud, "lik three it wh two n p seven tweleve tal three li three three this."

I remember Living Magazine had a spin off called Dying Magazine. It had a lot of subscriptions but no one ended up paying their first bill.

When I yawn it is contagious because I always yawn again.

I have a big sore, it is so big it is like a dino-sore.

I can spoil any movie from the past 20 years. Ready?
They all end with credits.

How do you know this site is weird? Maybe this is normal and regular things are weird.

Pie is the greatest food of all time.! If it weren't I really would have changed the name some time ago.

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